Hi friends,

Welcome to the first ever Salvos Online Art Exhibition

- we're excited you are here!

While Covid-19 has affected how we operate individually and as a Christian movement, its impact has also bred opportunity: maximizing virtual connections, rethinking former frameworks and sparking new ideas. From this challenging yet creative mix has emerged this Online Art Exhibition.

All artisans are invited to participate.

Professional, hobbyist, experienced or beginner - whether you work or play as an artist (or somewhere between), we encourage you to get involved. We also welcome various styles and media. Whether you work in paints, ink, digital media, clay, stone, wood, or textiles - if you create art, this is the place for you.

Share your interpretation of mission.

Create a work inspired by one of the Salvo Mission Intentions described below, and submit it for exhibition. Expressions of interest are now open! A gallery of participant artworks will be collated and displayed on this site, 29 April – 13 May.

Above all, this exhibition seeks to glorify Jesus.

For all artists, we hope this exhibition will invigorate your passion for the arts and for mission. We also pray that you will encounter Jesus as you explore ideas, as you create your work, and as you experience the work of others. He is the one we adore, our ultimate source of inspiration - and indeed the best Artist we know. For all who will enjoy viewing the gallery, we pray that you will be encouraged by the creativity and variety available to us in worshipping our Saviour Jesus and sharing his love with others. 


Artists are invited to create a piece of work that is inspired by The Salvation Army Australia’s Four Mission Intentions: Caring for People, Creating Faith Pathways, Building Healthy Communities and Working for Justice. You can find more information about the Mission Intentions here.

The Exhibition is open to artisans. This includes visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, sculptors, woodwork artists, crafters and other visual artisans. It does not include performing arts genres. 


Expressions of Interest open Monday 8th February

Final submissions close Thursday 1st April

Worship Arts and Mission Department reserve the right to not display

any submitted artworks deemed inappropriate.

Who can take part?

The Exhibition is open to all visual artisans.

Artists are welcome:

  • of any age;

  • from any location;

  • professional, recreational or beginner;

  • all forms and media associated with visual arts, including photography and digital media;

  • life-long Salvo attender or newly connected to any Salvo expression.


All are welcome to participate.


If you know anyone who would enjoy participating, please share this site with them - share it in your social media, tell your friends - help us get the word out!

How does it work?

  • Choose the Mission Intention that inspires you.

Find more information on the four Mission Intentions here


  • Submit your Expression of Interest here.

This allows us to prepare effectively to receive your work and exhibit it appropriately.

  • Create your work!

Artists are also requested to provide additional background material highlighting their creative process (e.g. a time-lapse, written description or filmed discussion of the work, etc.)

Once the work is completed, please take a high quality photo/s and

  • Submit photo/s with the Registration Form and additional material

Photos of works and additional material will be uploaded and curated into a display on this site. The Online Gallery will be available  for viewing from 29 April – 13 May.

  • View the exhibition - see your work displayed and enjoy the work of other Salvo artists!

Why should I get involved?

There are many reasons to take part in this project - here are four important ones:

1. Your work can increase awareness of our Mission Statement.

The Mission Department is looking for 4 artworks to serve as thematic representations of the Mission Intentions. 

Remuneration will be provided for the 4 works chosen for this purpose.

If your work is selected, it may feature in publications, media and even merchandise across Australia - from banners and posters to note pads and drink bottles.

(Please note: participating in the exhibition does not obligate artists to make works available for further promotional use).

2. You can increase your audience and network with other artists.

Whether you are already a professional artist or an emerging creative, this is a unique chance to gain exposure and connect with other Salvo artisans. You might find some new friends and some great new connections!

3. You can offer your work for purchase.

Artists have the opportunity to sell their work through the exhibition. This is totally at your discretion and will be under your control. Our site will simply note the availability and price of works, and provide a means for potential customers to contact you. 

4. Your work might change a life.

The Online Art Exhibition provides you, the artist, a valuable opportunity to inspire others in their mission and calling. Your piece could be the catalyst for someone to connect with Jesus. You might challenge other Salvos to step out in faith and increase God’s Kingdom. We don’t know about you, but this one excites us most!


We pray that every artist who engages in this exhibition will have fresh revelations of God’s love and calling on their life. We pray that you would know that you are loved and valued and your gifting is a blessing to our church. 


For everyone who views the gallery, we pray that you will be inspired to live out God’s calling on their life and be challenged as to what it means to be The Salvation Army in 2021. 


We pray God will bless you abundantly!

© 2021 The Salvation Army Australia

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